Authorised Contacts

In order to protect the security and integrity of your account with UnitedHosting, only authorised contacts can open tickets. Often, you'll want other members of your team to be able to open tickets without sharing a single login. Our system makes this easy to accomplish!

To add a new contact, please follow these steps.

1. Login to our Billing Portal at
2. Click on "Add Contact" on the left hand menu.
3. Enter the details for the person you wish to authorise.
4. Tick the option under "Activate Sub-Account" and select what actions you want to allow them permissions for.
5. Select the appropriate Email notifcations.
6. Click on "Save Changes" to complete.

Please note that email addresses can only be used once in our system. If you manage multiple accounts for different customers, we'd recommend creating a forwarder (e.g., and then logging into the portal with the address. This will ensure that tickets are dealt with quickly and there is no delay in helping you.
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